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German Shepherd Large Dog Breed

German Shepherd

Average Height: 24-26″
At least Weight: 80-90 lb

Average Height: 22-24″
Weight: 75-85 lb

Life span is 10-12 years

The German shepherd is considered a fairly young breed, and falls into the category of herding dogs. They are an intelligent breed and are a popular choice for search and rescue, police, and military work. It is known for its fearlessness, intelligence, athleticism, and bravery. During World War I it was used in the role of sentry. It was the most popular breed of choice for many years.


The German Shepherd is unsurpassed in working versatility and is one of the most intelligent breeds. It is famous for it’s devotion and faithfulness. It can be aggressive towards other dogs but usually can live with other pets. It’s weary of strangers and protective of his family and the home. It’s coat should be brushed a couple times a week.

Upkeep and Health

This breed enjoys a good exercise session and should be stimulated mentally. Although it can live outside in cool climates, it does equally well as a house dog.

Major health concerns include CHD and elbow dysplasia.

Glossary of Canine Medical Terms

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